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Cape Race History

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Dear guests,

our small expedition vessel MS "Cape Race" is currently in Hamburg and has been brought to her new shining self after two years of refitting. She’s been freshly painted and a really geat crew has prepared her for sailing on the 12th of May.

Because of the current situation and after long debates we have decided to cancel all departures with Cape Race until the 5th of July. The reasons for this are multiple.

Norway has closed their borders and continues to do so for the moment. Norwegian ports are closed for passenger vessels. Flights have been discontinued or are otherwise disrupted.

The current situation is so foggy, that we cannot be sure when we can travel freely again. We only know the current restrictions, but we don’t know when they’re lifted.

Our main reason however is our responsibility towards you. As shipowner, travel agent and crew, used to Arctic risk assessment, we put your safety and health first and guarantee this with our experience.

The current danger from Covid-19 is not assessable to us, not well enough at least to guarantee your and our crew’s health and safety. This is why we feel responsible to cancel our departures until, at this moment, 5th of July.

Of course our main goal remains to get back to operating as quick and safely as possible. The safety of passengers and health is and remains our highest priority.

We will keep you informed about our intentions and change of plans and hope you will remain healthy and loyal to us. So we can bring you with MS "Cape Race" to arctic shores in a safe and sustainable way.

Best regards,
Nikolaus Gelpke
Owner Cape Race

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Cape Race History

From 2020, mareverlag offers the incomparable opportunity to explore the Arctic safely, environmentally friendly and individually. On the expedition cutter MS "Cape Race" you will experience the mysterious power of the "Cold Coast", as Spitsbergen is also called, intensively but at the same time extremely reliable and luxurious with only twelve passengers.