Arctic Expeditions with only 12 passengers

Classic, charming and safe Polar Cruises



How can the oceans and especially the polar regions be explored? They can usually only be seen and experienced from the shore – or on huge cruise ships. But then either the distance is too great or the experience is diminished by hundreds of fellow passengers.

Our mare expeditions with the „Cape Race“ are designed so that you spend as much time as possible in the sublime landscapes of the polar world and intensively experience the fascinating animal and ice world. With our partner Leguan Reisen, we have not only been intensively familiar with the Arctic for very many years, but for me, Nikolaus Gelpke, as owner of the ship and as a qualified marine ecologist, the conscious and sustainable experience of nature is a concern. We act according to the principle: You can only love what you know, and you only preserve what you love.

With the MS „Cape Race“ a former deep-sea fishing cutter from 1963 converted into an expedition ship in 2019, you will get to know the seas and the sublime nature of the Arctic intensively, individually and at close quarters. With a maximum of 12 passengers, every journey on this small, very seaworthy and extremely environmentally friendly ship with its detailed charm from the tramp shipping era will be a very personal experience.


Cape Rae - Eine Biografie Cape Race – Eine Biografie“ just published by mareverlag! 
This book is the biography (at the moment only in German language) of a ship and the people who lived and worked with and on it until today. For them, the „Cape Race“ is more than a ship. Maybe you can understand that after reading this book. But you can only really understand it if you have been on the oceans with her. 
You can order it here

EXPERIENCE SCIENCE: With this premise in mind, you will also accompany us on our „Science Journeys“ into the fascinating world of marine ecology – guided by our expedition leader, we will, for example, look and listen into the ice depths of the Arctic with the help of a professional ROV camera and an underwater microphone, admire plankton samples under the microscope, determine relevant environmental factors such as salinity, temperature or nutrients or take depth samples with a water sampler. Thus, on these voyages, you will collect knowledge about the fascinating polar ecosystem in just a few hours.

Experience the spectacular coasts of the far north in an unforgettable way on the exclusive cruises in Norway with the „Cape Race“. We have set ourselves the goal of bringing people and nature closer together in a sustainable and respectful way.