The Ultimate Greenland Expedition, 2024

From Narsarsuaq to Tasiilaq

Cape RAce Groenland nature cruise

Experience the unique expedition on MS “Cape Race” from Narsarsuaq in Greenland’s south, to Tasiilaq! This breathtaking voyage takes you to some of the most remote and untouched areas of Greenland, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in its purest form.

Also discover the picturesque settlements of Isertoq, Sermiligaaq or Tiilerilaaq, and immerse yourself in the life of the local communities. Experience the solitude and wilderness of Southeast Greenland and discover the impressive glaciers as well as the place where Fritjof Nansen started his historic inland ice crossing.

Our experienced expedition leaders will ensure that you explore the region safely and joyfully. Spend the nights on board the MS “Cape Race” and enjoy the silence of nature as well as the simple, nature-oriented life of the people.

The planned itinerary

Ice and wind determine the daily schedule of the expedition. The itineraries mentioned here are therefore exemplary.

Day 1: Arrival in Iceland
Your Greenland trip starts with your arrival in Iceland. You will fly from your home airport to Keflavik (the airport of Reykjavik) in Iceland, where you will spend one night.

Day 2: Narsarsuaq
Today you fly from Keflavik to Narsarsuaq. Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 3: Embarkation in Narsarsuaq
In the afternoon, the Cape Race awaits you, safely moored in the deep Eriksfjord. On board, the crew will welcome you and you will receive the obligatory safety briefing. The fjord was named after Erik the Red, who explored Greenland here around 985. He founded the settlement of Brattahlid with the first church built on Greenland, the foundation walls of which can still be found today. With our robust and manoeuvrable Zodiac boats we sail to the old settlement and visit Tjodhilde’s church.

Day 4 – Day 15: Expedition from Narsarsuaq to Tasiilaq
We explore the loneliest bays of the 100 kilometre long and picturesque Prins Christian Sound. Here we not only encounter glittering icebergs and visit the glaciers that calve them directly into the sea (the roar that interrupts the silence when a huge piece of ice breaks off is not easily forgotten), but also lush meadows and wild waterfalls thundering from the high mountains. Last but not least, sightings of seals or humpback whales provide further variety.

The further east we go, the lonelier the journey becomes. No larger cruise ships stray into this area, and expeditions with smaller ships are also extremely rare. The small, remote Inuit settlements, such as Isertoq on a small island with only about 25 inhabitants, seem all the more impressive. Life here is characterised by a deep connection of the people with nature and a strong community. It is a place where time seems to stand still and the beauty and simplicity of life in harmony with nature can be felt everywhere. Many of the residents still make a living from hunting and fishing, relying on the sea and the land to make a living. Most families in Isertoq own boats to go fishing, and many engage in reindeer husbandry.

You will visit the village of Ikerasak, where Fritjof Nansen started his historic Greenland expedition in East Greenland in 1888 to cross the ice sheet and reach the northwestern part of Greenland. High mountains and glaciers tower above, while the coast is lined with numerous icebergs. It is a place of great natural beauty and a profound tranquillity that captivates you. This voyage is characterised by the solitude and tranquillity of nature and unique encounters with the local people. Only a ship of the dimension of our Cape Race and the experience of its crew can adequately approach this region and its inhabitants.

Day 16: Return flight from Tasiilaq to Iceland
Disembarkation on the „Cape Race“ in Tasiilaq and return flight to Iceland. Overnight in Keflavik at the airport.

Day 17: Return flight to your home town or extension in Iceland
Today you can take the return flight to your home airport. Alternatively, an individual programme extension in Iceland is possible – we will be happy to advise you.

DATES 2024
Time on board: 15 days / 14 nights
Triple cabin shower/WC Double cabin
double bed
Double cabin
twin bed
Single cabin
09.09.2024 – 26.09.2024
(MARE 20-24)
booked up booked up booked up booked up

Services included in the tour price

  • Nature cruise on board the „Cape Race“ (15 days / 14 nights), as described.
  • One overnight stay at the airport in Keflavik before the flights to and from Greenland in a good mid-range hotel, breakfast included
  • One overnight stay in Narsarsuaq (Greenland) before embarkation in a good middle class hotel, breakfast included
  • Full board on board incl. soft drinks
  • Flights from / to Germany, Switzerland or Austria in economy class to Keflavik (Iceland) and return
  • Flight from Keflavik to Narsarsuaq and return from Tasilaq to Keflavik in Economy Class
  • All shore excursions during the cruise
  • German-speaking tour guide on board

Services not included in the cruise price

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Any costs for medical tests (for example COVID-19) or vaccinations required either by a government agency or by the tour operator before, during or after the cruise.


All scheduled landings are subject to local weather and ice conditions. The itinerary and programme are expressly subject to change. Completion of various questionnaires is mandatory.

Mobility notice

We are obliged to point out that this trip is generally not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. In individual cases, please contact us.


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Cape Race Greenland
  • German-speaking guided nature cruise
  • Cruise dates: September 2024
  • Embarkation: Narsarsuaq (Greenland)
  • Disembarkation: Tasiilaq (Greenland)
  • Duration of stay on board: 15 days/ 14 nights
  • Max. number of participants: 12 passengers