Experience Scotland, Greenland and Northern Norway

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A cruise with the MS „Cape Race“

We are pleased to be able to offer you extraordinary voyages to the Scottish archipelago, along the east and west coasts of Greenland and northern Norway with the expedition ship “Cape Race” in the 2024 season. The “Cape Race” is a small ship – with the highest standards in terms of sustainability and intensive encounters with the Arctic world. Contrary to the trend of “bigger and bigger, more and more, cheaper and cheaper”, we have deliberately chosen this small ship which, with a maximum number of participants of only twelve, allows trips to the Arctic to become a very personal nature experience in a small circle. On board the “Cape Race” you will explore the far north in a stylish, maritime atmosphere – without compromising on comfort and safety. Our mare expeditions with the “Cape Race” are designed so that you spend as much time as possible in the sublime landscapes of the polar world and intensively experience the fascinating animal and ice world.

On board the “Cape Race” you will travel in the stylish atmosphere of the classic tramp shipping of the last century. The ship has undergone extensive renovations over two years (2018 and 2019), with care taken to preserve the charm of the 1963 Canadian-built fishing cutter without sacrificing the comfort and safety of our time.

Traditionally, breakfast is taken in the mess hall and lunch and dinner are served in the mahogany-paneled salon with its large windows – it is certainly a favorite place on board to reflect and wind down the day’s experiences in the warmth of the Danish stove and perhaps with the sounds of the piano.

To relax, the lovingly furnished, large and high cabins with their respective en-suite bathrooms invite – as well as the on-board wooden sauna. From the observation deck at the bow, but also from the bridge, which is usually open to the guests, there is always time to simply contemplate the Arctic landscape or wildlife. The extremely small number of passengers allows for family-style travel, casual and individual.


A somewhat different Nature Cruise

Landings are planned daily near the coast. On these guided excursions you will have plenty of opportunity for shorter or longer hikes. With your experienced guides you will explore remote and stunning natural landscapes. Thanks to the small group size, much consideration can be given to personal wishes and concerns. On numerous excursions with the Zodiacs (maneuverable inflatable boats) you will get close to the Arctic natural wonders – be it the shimmering ice of enormous icebergs or be it wildlife at sea or on the coasts.

The itinerary and program of our nature cruises are not determined by a rigidly set itinerary. The captain and guides decide flexibly on the spot – according to weather conditions and animal sightings – when and where we go, so that opportunities for observations or encounters are used optimally. Only the small number of passengers and the size of the ship allow these unique procedures for polar expeditions.

The focus of our voyages with the “Cape Race” is to experience the Scottish islands and the high Arctic with observations of a wide variety of animal species – but also the plant life.

Our concept is to enjoy this vast nature with few people and a small ship, to surrender to it as it were and not to disturb it in the process.
Whichever cruise with the “Cape Race” you choose in the end, we are sure that you will love and never forget your vacation on our ship during your expedition in a small group.