MS Cape Race

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We, the mareverlag and Leguan Reisen, are delighted to be able to offer you extraordinary journeys along the Norwegian coast and in the Svalbard archipelago with the expedition ship „Cape Race“.

The „Cape Race“ is a small ship – providing the highest standards of sustainability and access to intensive encounters with the Arctic world. Contrary to consumer trends of „more, bigger, cheaper“, we have deliberately chosen this small ship which, with a maximum number of only twelve participants, enables a deeply personal experience of the Arctic in a small group. On board the „Cape Race“ you will explore the far north in a stylish, maritime atmosphere – with no compromise to comfort and safety.

Our mare expeditions on the „Cape Race“ are designed to allow you to spend as much time as possible in the sublime polar landscapes and to experience the fascinating wildlife and arctic environment at close quarters. Through many years in collaboration with our partner Leguan Reisen, we have become extensively familiar with the Arctic. A conscient and sustainable experience of nature is a matter of heartfelt concern for me, Nikolaus Gelpke, both as owner of the ship and as a professional marine biologist. Our guiding principle: One can only love what one knows, and one only preserves what one loves.