Early Summer Journey to the North, 2023



On the classic route of the Hanseatic League to the High North

The route of the nature cruise with the „Cape Race“ follows a classic route along the Norwegian west coast.
Cogs of the Hanseatic League once sailed from Hamburg to the ports in the west of Norway. In those days, trade with the products of the north (such as stockfish and furs) was the reason for these journeys, but today the wonderful fjord landscapes attract travellers with an interest in nature and history.

The Norwegian coastline is beautiful – with huge fjords cutting deep into the Nordic mountains and rugged islands in the vastness of the ocean. Here you will find a unique combination of wild natural landscapes and harbour cities steeped in history (such as the old Hanseatic cities of Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim) and small and tiny fishing ports on the islands of Lofoten or Vesteralen.

The journey with the „Cape Race“ starts from Hamburg with the crossing of the North Sea. After reaching the Norwegian coast, we plan regular excursions with the accompanying Zodiacs or visits to charming harbour towns (possible destinations include Bergen, Stavanger or Alesund). As we head north, we observe seabirds such as puffins, gannets and guillemots – and with a bit of luck, sea eagles, orcas and large whales.
Other nature destinations along our route could be the Svartissen glacier, the famous Geirangerfjord or Saltstraumen – the strongest tidal current on earth. In Lofoten, we plan visits to the small picturesque fishing ports (such as Reine, Nusfjord or Harstad).

The journey ends in Tromsø – the Paris of the North. From here you can start your journey home, extend your stay in the High North individually or simply stay on board the „Cape Race“ (and join the subsequent voyage here to Bear Island and Spitsbergen).

The itinerary and the expedition ship offer special conditions:

  • A maximum of 12 guests can take part in the nature cruises with the expedition ship „Cape Race“. With this small group, optimal use of time and flexibility are guaranteed.
  • The stylish and comfortable furnishings of the „Cape Race“ make participation in this programme an unforgettable experience.
  • The cruise and the shore excursions are accompanied by a competent German-speaking tour guide.
  • For our Zodiac excursions and also for longer stays on deck when it is cold, we provide full body suits, so-called flotation suits, for all travellers.

A programme for travellers who want to experience dreamlike coastal landscapes and historic ports – and have high demands on the style and comfort of the expedition ship.

Day 1 : Arrival in Hamburg – embarkation and start of the cruise in the morning
After embarkation on the „Cape Race“ in the port of Hamburg, the journey starts down the Elbe and then northwards through the German Bight (or alternatively – depending on weather conditions – via the Kiel Canal and Danish waters to the Skagerrak).

Note: The exact time of embarkation and departure depend on the tides and the opening times of the bridges and will be announced in good time before the start of the cruise.

Days 2 – 14
We cross the North Sea (or alternatively the Baltic Sea and the Skagerrak) and reach the Norwegian coast at Stavanger or Bergen and follow the Norwegian coastal route from here on.
We pass the often choppy waters around the Stattlandet peninsula and head towards Ålesund – in the south first through a landscape characterised by fjords, mountains, forests and colourful houses and then in the north through a rockier scenery.
At some point the sun hardly sets and we cross the Arctic Circle. On the way we observe animals like puffins, gannets and guillemots, but also sea eagles and killer whales can be seen if we are lucky. Possible destinations are Stavanger, Bergen or Ålesund and smaller places like Rørvik, Lovund, Fugløya, Gilgeskal or Torghatten, and the Geirangerfjord, the Svartisen glacier and the rapids at Saltstraumen.
We are also not afraid to call at unknown bays with the Zodiacs. Which landings are actually made depends mainly on time and weather. We plan to make a landing on each day of the trip, usually in the morning. The actual route (and destinations) will be determined by weather, wind and sea conditions.

The Norwegian coastal route is busy and as the coastal landscape glides past us, we often encounter fishing boats, cargo ships and ferries. While the landscape in the south is characterised by mountains and fjords, it becomes increasingly barren and flat towards the north. Only in the Lofoten Islands are there higher mountains again.

After about 7 – 8 days we reach Bodø and head west, where the islands of Lofoten await us with their steep mountains, small fishing harbours, beautiful light moods and hikes. With a bit of luck we may see puffins, sea eagles, orcas, larger whales and otters. We plan to call at various smaller harbours, such as Reine, Nusfjord, Skrova, Svolvær or Harstad. Of course, we also plan to go on hikes and shore excursions here. Now that we are closer to our destination, Tromsø, we can plan our itinerary more precisely and hopefully leave ourselves a little more time for longer stops.

Depending on the weather conditions, we will take a more sheltered route directly to Tromsø or a more open route via Vesterålen and Andøya (passing the famous Trollfjord). On this route to Tromsø we can visit, for example, the old trading settlement of Tinden, where time seems to have stood still.
The journey ends when we reach Tromsø, „the Paris of the North“.

Day 15 : Disembarkation (approx. 9.30h) in Tromsø and journey home.

Depending on the home airport, an overnight stay in Oslo may be necessary on the return journey.

Dates 2023
Embarkation: Hamburg
Disembarkation: Tromsø
16 days, 15 nights
Triple cabin shower/WC Double cabin
double bed
Double cabin
twin bed
Single cabin
30.3.2023 – 14.4.2023
(MARE 01-23)
booked up booked up booked up booked up

Services included in the travel price

  • Nature cruise on board the expedition ship „Cape Race“ as described in the itinerary
  • Full board on board incl. soft drinks
  • All port and other taxes required for the cruise program
  • travel guide
  • Corona- additional protection: travel interruption insurance (comprehensive insurance coverage including epidemic / pandemic), travel health insurance (incl. repatriation) and travel assistance (for security, mobility, money and authorities, home and family)

Services not included in the price of the cruise

  • Arrival and departure program (Note: We would be happy to offer you this trip as a complete program, i.e. including the arrival and departure at daily updated prices)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any costs for medical tests (for example COVID-19) or vaccinations required either by a government agency or by the operator before, during or after the trip.

Mobility notice
We are obliged to point out that this tour is generally not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. In individual cases, please contact us.

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  • 2023: From Hamburg to Tromsø
  • Max. number of participants: 12
  • Onboard language: German