Guest comments from aboard the Cape Race

about our expeditions


Nordnorwegen Cape Race  

The trip was wonderful. The team on board is simply super and always endeavoured to look after our well-being. The best crew ever with lots of wit and humour. The ship was spotlessly clean inside, the table was quickly set and the food was served with ease. What was conjured up in the small galley: Chapeau! 
The captain drove us through the waters with his unbelievable calm. With very nice speeches and always friendly and present.

An eventful week lies behind us, consisting only of highlights – great!

Many thanks to everyone on the ship and ashore.
Anja-Kristin Öhding 
Ralf Langhoff 


Svalbard von der Cape Race  

We would like to thank you very much for giving us such a great and fantastic trip with the Cape Race! It was in every respect something very intimate and special with wonderful moments. The scenery is truly breathtaking! and the crew unbeatable. The captain Marc Weisssteiner contributed with his profound knowledge and his friendly manner. We are already looking forward to going on another trip with him!
We would love to do a real circumnavigation in July or so or even towards Greenland… We felt so comfortable and familiar with “Mann&Maus” at the end that the farewell was almost melancholic.
Thomas Freivogel & Markus Faller, Zürich


“Your enthusiasm for photography is infectious. Your engaging and professional manner and how you catered to different photographic levels really impressed me.”
D. Marxer about photographer Heike Ollertz, who accompanies our photo trips.

“It was a really great trip overall that we all enjoyed extremely well. As a frequent traveller, I must also state that this was the most beautiful of my trips so far.”
M. Mittelbach

Cape Race und Wale
© Espen Bergersen