Facts and figures

Resume of the „Cape Race”

  • 1963: Construction at the George T. Davie & Sons shipyard in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada
  • 25 May 1963, christened „Cape Race” in Lauzon by Mrs Ron Smith
  • August 1963: Maiden voyage from Lauzon to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
  • 7 September 1963: Handover to National Sea Products (NSP)
  • 1977: Sale to Scotia Trawlers (subcontractor of NSP) and conversion to a shellfish fishery, a so-called scalopper
  • 1994: Main engine exchange of the Deutz Diesel with a 12-cylinder Caterpilar
  • 2003: Sale to Clearwater
  • 9 September 2005: Removal from the Canadian Register of Fisheries
  • 2005/2006: Purchased in winter by Milos Simovic, Drifting Society, conversion for almost two million dollars in five years.
  • From 2007: Berth New York, film and TV projects
  • 2010 Research trips for the US Navy (NYU, David Holland, East Greenland 2010),
  • From 2011-2016/17, NASA, National Science Foundation, Environment Canada (main research data for NASA JPL’s Ocean Melt Greenland Project, survey of Greenland’s glacier breakthroughs and areas, most of them in NW Greenland)
  • 2012: After Hurricane Sandy, unofficial base camp and meeting point for the supply of the subordinate authorities to coordinate the cleanup efforts in New York
  • From 2014 Private charters with guests to the Caribbean and Arctic
  • December 2017 Sale to Nikolaus Gelpke, mareverlag, Hamburg
  • 2018 – 2020: Conversion and renovation in Reykjavik, Iceland

Technical data

  • Year of construction: 1963, as a fishing trawler
  • Shipyard: George T. Davie & Sons Ltd, Lauzon, Quebec, Canada
  • Flag: Cook Islands
  • Shipping company: Cape Race Corporation
  • Conversion: 2006, 2018/19
  • Length over all: 38 meters
  • Overall width: 7.47 metres
  • Draft: 3.8 meters
  • Main engine: 3512 Caterpillar, 12 cylinders, 890 kW, Fuel: GTL Fuel Marine
  • Speed: Cruising 8 knots, max. speed 9.5 knots
  • Generators: 2 Yanmar Nopro, 45 kW
  • Range: 4000+ nautical miles
  • Fresh water: 16 000 litres + watermaker
  • Dinghies: Two Zodiac Milpro F-470 for ten persons each
  • One replacement Zodiac
  • certified full body suits for Zodiac cruises
  • Wastewater treatment plant: Bluesea, Selmar
  • Ice class: ice strengthened bow and protected propellor
  • Passengers: 12 
  • Crew: 7 + 2 guides (summer), 7 + 1 guide (winter)
  • Currency on board: Euro and local currency



If you’re interested to work on „Cape Race“, we’re happy to come in contact with you. Please, send us your cover letter detailing why you’re interested in working wih us and a resume giving an overview of your relevant experience. We’re generally looking forward to come in contact with persons for all positions: Nautical crew, service staff and expedition staff.
It is important you have the right qualifications to work on board. You can find an overview of them here.

Nikolaus Gelpke

Ship owner

Maarten van der Duijn Schouten

Vessel Manager

Alexander Schmidt


Mario Essl

Chief Officer


Nautical Officer

Milena Jansen

Nautical Officer

Riek van der Vlag




Zakarya Soufane


Birgit Lutz

Expedition Leader


Service Manager